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South African-born artist Ellen Palestrant’s ethereal, multi-dimensional paintings invite viewers into her dream-like worlds.

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For a literary, humorous and visual treat, enter The World of Glimpse, a make-believe and theatrical world of contagious rhythms, luminous color and vibrant landscapes.

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Can you extricate yourself from THE HEART OF DILEMMA when you are overly-connected to ongoing stimuli and confusing creative perspectives? Are you able to allow yourself more time to explore your own creative substance, depth and originality? Do you think it would be beneficial to spend more valuable time learning about yourself, being yourself and discovering what you really want to create yourself? In other words, can you allow yourself the opportunity to dig deeper?

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Creative dilemma is a welcome diversion along the way to your own creative home because initially, exploring many different pathways, however confusing this might be, gives you the opportunity for a variety of creative experiences. By allowing yourself an open-minded enthusiasm as well as an awareness that what you are seeking, must feel like a creative home for you, you will find your way to your own creative potential – something which dwells comfortably within you. Through this process of discovery and elimination, you will map out your own creative milieu – one that feels instinctively right for you. To achieve this, it helps to to trust your hunches while suspending judgment – if only for a while. It takes courage to follow your hunches and give them a chance.

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It is only by venturing into unknown realms and risking a botchbungle or two – or many – that we discover aspects of our unrealized, creative potential. Through heady, challenging, exhilarating explorations and intuitive, courageous recreations, we build our repository of creative experiences. We might not always find our way back to the beginning again, to our original intention, but what we now have, is intriguingly outside the bounds of our previously tried and tested solutions – and that is exciting because it is a fresh vision, unfettered by the obvious, the controllable, the right or the wrong.

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