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South African-born artist Ellen Palestrant’s ethereal, multi-dimensional paintings invite viewers into her dream-like worlds.

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For a literary, humorous and visual treat, enter The World of Glimpse, a make-believe and theatrical world of contagious rhythms, luminous color and vibrant landscapes.

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Our creativity thrives on positive replenishment and on the stimulation gained from novel and valuable ideas – both our own imaginative conceptions and those of others. Creative production is our dependable, restorative source of nourishment while the anger of Drooma-like individuals on the prowl for opportunities to gatecrash our positive dreams, will leave us creatively malnourished and squelched. We need to protect, constantly, our luminous creative worlds of color against negativity – against those Droomas we frequently encounter. After all, of what use are Droomas to us?

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This is what the creative process is like for me – this is how I create my own showtime: When I dream up characters such as those of THE WORLD OF GLIMPSE, I transport myself imaginatively – and physically – into the Glimpsible realm. I go where they go. I fly with them, extending myself in unexpected ways that I had not predetermined. The new pathways manifest with the journey – with the limitless creative ascent.

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Many people are more adept at creative thinking than they realize, but haven’t had the opportunity to discover that capacity within themselves, nor sought the adventure (and challenge) of finding answers from within instead of from external sources. It is important to listen to yourself – and it is also necessary to listen to new information offered by others that might challenge your own comfortably imbedded views, whether it be on Nasal Navigation, Headwhizzing Circumrotation or some Essential Factulation. A receptivity to new ideas and a willingness to incorporate something novel into your existing thinking, is vital, but only if the information resonates with you.

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