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South African-born artist Ellen Palestrant’s ethereal, multi-dimensional paintings invite viewers into her dream-like worlds.

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For a literary, humorous and visual treat, enter The World of Glimpse, a make-believe and theatrical world of contagious rhythms, luminous color and vibrant landscapes.

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It is not always easy to know, initially, what is the right creative path for you. It is not always immediately apparent. Only by entering into – with curiosity and courage – a multitude of possibilities and experiences, can you discover just what it is that really attracts you. Appreciating and understanding the variety of individual creative paths other follow, can solidify for you, just what is your own spark of originality, your own creative coloressence.

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We need to encourage, positive, creative, independent, critical thinking skills. These tools are essential in countering the effects of despotic leaders and group and mob thinking which leads to violence. Groups can beget people without critical thinking skills who become caught up in the various forms and intensities of popular hysteria. Instead, let us spread positivity in abundance … and flashflick rubies, sapphires, and gleams-of-emerald through our creative thinking.

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Humor is an essential ingredient of creativity. People with a sense of humor see things differently. They recognize the ludicrous in a situation, or the incongruous or comical, and they effectively give expressions to these perceptions. Humor gives visibility to situations we don’t often verbalize. It puts situations into perspective. Humor frees us from conventional ways of thinking and allows us to experiment and make unexpected connections. Humor allows us to illuminate a truth humorously and yet seriously.

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