Ellen Palestrant


South African-born writer and artist, Ellen Palestrant, currently resides in Arizona. She was educated in South Africa and Britain and immigrated with her family to the USA in 1987. Palestrant has been a game inventor, hydroponic farmer, special education teacher, television scriptwriter (adult documentary and children’s animation), film producer, college instructor (English, Humanities, Creative Writing) and co-publisher of a college press.

Her published books include: Nosedive, Johannesburg One Hundred, Remembering Dolores, I Touched a Star in My Dream Last Night, Have You Ever Had A Hunch? The Importance of Creative Thinking (and accompanying workbook), Pretzel On Prozac: The Story of An Immigrant Dog, The World of Glimpse (and accompanying DVD), Koptoe – Transcending Boundaries: The Comrades Marathon, and If You Can Make It, Mr. Harris… So Can I (and accompanying workbook).

CONVERSATIONS ABOUT CREATIVITY: Art, Writing, Music, Filmmaking, Theatre, Education, Science & the Synergy of Imagination. Readers will find an in-depth repository of knowledge about the creative process in these interviews of diverse creative individuals. They will gain invaluable insights into their creative instincts,  learn about their varied creative techniques, their passions for what they do, and their persistence in bringing their creative ideas to fruition. There are commonalities and distinguishing characteristics in these creators; the wide range of their creative thinking is both fascinating and inspiring.

Koptoe cover image

KOPTOE – TRANSCENDING BOUNDARIES: THE COMRADES MARATHON, is a story about two runners and the COMRADES ULTRAMARATHON (a race of 56 miles between Pietermaritzburg and Durban in South Africa.) The book is also about the connection between RUNNING, WRITING & CREATING MARATHONS – about the various marathons in our lives.

The World of Glimpse cover

THE WORLD OF GLIMPSE is a make-believe and theatrical world of contagious rhythms, luminous color, vibrant landscapes… Lunaberry Forest, The Lake of Imaginings, and Jumpaloon Mountains, to name but a few – and inventive wordplay with its own glossary – called The Glimpsary.

Have You Ever Had A Hunch 2014 cover

Reclaim you creativity by exploring the educational, sociological, psychological, and political influences on independent thinking. HAVE YOU EVER HAD A HUNCH? is a powerful tool for self-growth and an invaluable gift for anyone wanting to explore their own creativity. In a series of short, to the point chapters, author Ellen Palestrant strips away the layers of inhibition and repression that encumbers all of us.

Pretzel on Prozac cover

Although the long life of a confused, anxiety-ridden pet is the focus of PRETZEL ON PROZAC: The Story of an Immigrant Dog, this book is also a human story. Ellen Palestrant calls this memoir an autobiodography, that is, her dog Pretzel’s biography told in tandem with fragments from her own life. With humor, pathos, and great originality, Palestrant offers a moving tale about her maladjusted, routine-bound dog and his many dilemmas.

I Touched A Star In My Dream Last Night 2014cover

I TOUCHED A STAR IN MY DREAM LAST NIGHT, a collection of poems for all ages, is a boundless, energetic, humorous, and imaginative journey into dreams and possibilities. These poems contain pertinent political insights and serve as a springboard to creativity. This collection is also tremendous fun to read aloud!

If You Can Make It cover

Sam (Sammy) Harris, one of the youngest survivors of the Holocaust, speaks to thousands of adults and school children every year.  IF YOU CAN MAKE IT, MR. HARRIS… SO CAN I is an edited collection of letters he has received from hundreds of students who have been inspired by his courage and positivity.  Kids today are hungry for the values and character traits Sam epitomizes!