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South African-born artist Ellen Palestrant’s ethereal, multi-dimensional paintings invite viewers into her dream-like worlds.

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For a literary, humorous and visual treat, enter The World of Glimpse, a make-believe and theatrical world of contagious rhythms, luminous color and vibrant landscapes.

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Most creative people need a space to create which they feel is their own. This is where they can move freely into their heads and spend time exploring their beckoning ideas. The place might be tiny – just a small table in a corner of a room – but it needs to feel like a creative home. More important than finding that ideal space is finding what is inside your head.

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Let us sing our own song of creativity because when our creative intentions are based primarily on satisfying a potential audience, we are setting ourselves up for not only being dissatisfied with our own work, but also, possibly, for being disappointed by not having the positive reactions we had anticipated from the audience. We have failed to realize that individual perceptions are subjective.

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