One of the ways I express my creativity is through ethereal, multi-dimensional paintings that invite you into my dream-like worlds….

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I am a South African-born writer, artist and filmmaker, currently residing in Arizona. I was educated in South Africa and Britain and immigrated with my family to the USA in 1987.

I have also been a game inventor, advertising consultant, hydroponic farmer, special education teacher, television scriptwriter (adult documentary and children’s animation), college instructor (English, Humanities, Creative Writing) and co-publisher of a college press.

I began painting about 12 years ago and my art has been exhibited in a number of galleries. I am the author of more than a dozen published books ranging from fiction/fantasy to poetry and non-fiction, many of which I have illustrated. It has been my pleasure to have written and lectured extensively on the subjects of creativity.

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On Reno Tahoe Tonight

Ellen discusses creativity and inspirations with fellow writer/artist Jill Glenn and show host Oliver X. You can read about both Jill and Oliver in CONVERSATIONS ABOUT CREATIVITY. 


On Arizona Originals

Ellen discusses creativity, perfectionism, balancing the practical with the possible, and the importance of taking action and moving forward.
You can see the full post here.


Hone your skills with Ellen’s insights on creativity and self exploration.

A Fantasist & A Scientist in Conversation

The World of Glimpse


Conversations about Creativity

Have You Ever Had a Hunch

I Touched a Star In My Dream Last Night



I have completely fallen in love with Ellen’s creative perspective of the world. Her pieces inspire me to add more color and creativity to my life.

Gael Gilliland

Aspiring Art Collector


[An] insight and perception that made me reach deep inside myself and pull out my potential.

Annette Tucker



The World of Glimpse … the full frontal sensory barrage is unlike anything I’ve encountered outside of Walt Disney’s Fantasia – yet this is a book!

Oliver X

Reno Tahoe Tonight Magazine


Inviting Color Into Your Life this Holiday Season

Inviting Color Into Your Life this Holiday Season

How do we celebrate the holidays this year? I should imagine many people are asking themselves that same question. This will be a different year ending and New Year but it's important to include generous dabs of brightness. Well, how do we bring joy to our lives in a time when we have had to...

Overspecialization: Is there such a Thing?

Overspecialization: Is there such a Thing?

Can one ever overspecialize? I don’t think so. Being proficient in what you do and if you are fortunate enough, loving your work as well, are indeed, important. However, enjoying the pursuit of new areas of interest, either while you are still involved in your present work or at a later stage...

New Areas and Combinations

New Areas and Combinations

I love entering new areas of creativity, be it as a writer or as an artist. I combine what I do into new forms and though I am often not sure that I will succeed, I generally emerge with surprising fusions. I experiment with my painting. I experiment with my writing. I do not only want to...

The Importance of Being a Flexible Thinker

The Importance of Being a Flexible Thinker

The changes in our lives seem to occur with ever increasing rapidity and we are often left breathless as we try to keep up with all the advancements, innovations, transformations, remodeling and permutations. Many offer opportunities and there are those that have little value, in fact can be...


Welcome to the World of Glimpse

Ellen gives a brief overview of her book and video of The World of Glimpse, a theatrical, humorous fantasy realm of Joy, Luminous Color and Creativity inhabited by the Glimpsibles. Let your imagination take hold and join her where negativity and positivity collide.

Songs and Sounds of the Universe

If you shut your eyes,
you’ll hear
some cosmic verse…
songs and sounds of the Universe.

Our Earth, Our Choice

We can if we choose, try to preserve the precious and glorious biodiversity of our planet for our children, their children – and for all the species and ecosystems with whom we coexist.


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