There is nothing static about creativity and certainly nothing repetitive about my ongoing exploration of my own painting processes. I love the joy of discovery when I use new materials. Hence, I do a good deal of art using different kinds of paint including mixed media.

Although, largely, I use acrylic paints for my art, I also enjoy painting with watercolors and inks. Of late however, I have been using oils and oil pastels which offer a different kind of vibrancy and depth. Now, with much joy, I have launched my collection of Abstract Landscapes, starting with just three of these mixed media and oil pastel paintings on 100% archival, cotton fiber paper. These are examples, of my newest collection of Landscape Paintings:

In Approaching Land, I imagined being out at sea for many weeks before nearing an unknown land, its mysteries still to unfold.

In Blue Mountains, mountains (including blue ones) merge with the sky, evoking a feeling of mystery and of journeying into and through faraway, unknown terrain.

And, finally, there is Floral Cove in which I imagined sailing in blue waters towards an island cove with flowers welcoming me to its shores.

These paintings might well be inspired by real-life views gained from years of travel and backpacking, enjoying glorious mountain and ocean views. Yes, the genesis of my new landscape collection of abstract art, is very likely from past visual and emotive experiences happily imbedded in my subconscious.

I do hope you enjoy my new collection of abstract landscape paintings! View them all here.

Landscape Collection