Why paint elephants and why do they frequently pop into my imagination? Because I have an affinity for them and therefore, I have made them part of my brand-new art collection. For this series of miniature paintings, “An Elephant’s Journey”, I depict happy elephants traveling through varied fantasy terrains.

Click here to see the first in the collection.

I have been to many game reserves in different parts of Southern Africa and have been mesmerized by the elephants that I have seen journeying through the brown-in-winter, grassy plains of the habitat in which I have spotted them. I have also been chased by elephants on occasions, but fortunately, have always been in a Jeep. It is easy to feel intimidated when confronted by the large flapping ears and trumpeting sounds of an elephant right in front of one’s vehicle. How quickly can one reverse backwards to get out of its pathway? Now, that is a challenge!

These African elephants are not only the largest mammals in the world that live on land, but also, among the most intelligent and long-living. They can live to as much as 70 years of age. Sadly, today, elephants are an endangered species largely because of poaching and, the loss of their natural habitat.

As a homage to them – and the place they have taken in my imagination, I decided to create a series of miniature elephant paintings in abstract form, featuring these great mammals on their endless journeys. I chose fantastical renditions of them, and it is with pleasure that I introduce you to the “An Elephant’s Journey” collection.

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