Ellen Palestrant

South African-born writer and artist and filmmaker, Ellen Palestrant, currently resides in Arizona.  Ellen’s work has been exhibited at various galleries. Her work is currently available in her home gallery and through Fine Art Bistro.

Ellen is a writer, artist, creativity expert, game inventor, hydroponic farmer, special education teacher, television scriptwriter (adult documentary and children’s animation), film producer, college instructor (English, Humanities, Creative Writing) and co-publisher of a college press.

Ellen’s ethereal, multi-dimensional paintings invite viewers into her dream-like worlds that come to life in distinctive canvas and print pieces perfect for residential, commercial, and healthcare spaces. Ellen’s works are all original and custom commissions may be available. Contact Ellen today to learn more about purchasing available pieces.

“My paintings begin with a glimpse of possibility. I have a sense of what I want and then feel my way. As my boundaries of reality disappear, uncensored spontaneity takes over and I enter my world of dreams. My journey into fantasy is open-ended; anything can happen. My fleeting images undulate simultaneously on varied surfaces. Using a combination of acrylic paints, watercolor, and iridescent inks, I create a complex color spectrum.”
-Ellen Palestrant

Glimpse Series of Miniature Original Acrylic Paintings for Purchase

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Prints Available for Purchase

Art Exhibition

The WORLD OF GLIMPSE Art Exhibition was held at the Liberty Fine Art Gallery in Reno, NV.

The World of Glimpse – Where Art, Literature, and Theater Intersect and Merge – featured an imaginative performance based on The World of Glimpse by Pan Pantoja and Kelsey Sweet from The Potentialist Workshop.

Click to experience the Verseblurt Café.