The world of reality has its bounds, the world of imagination is boundless.



There are books that transport us to places to which we have never been – or have never seen depicted anywhere. The new worlds that unfold as we read, together with our interactive imaginations, create visual and auditory images and sounds that linger on long after we have finished the books. By reading interactively, we have become emotionally connected to characters and places that feel alive to us.

From reading with understanding and without prejudgment or frozen fixed ways of viewing life, we can embrace many valuable ideas from the cultures of the past and the present. We can enter also, the fantastical worlds of creative writers and artists and feel at home in their rich imaginations….


Penetrating a glimpse –

without intention,



into a world

from a new dimension.

If you …


your eyes,

you’ll hear some cosmic verse…

Songs and sounds of the Universe.



I recently interviewed artist, writer and public speaker Jill D. Glenn who, as a result of her vast and penetrating reading and rich imagination, does hear cosmic verse…songs and sounds of the Universe…

Ellen: What stands out particularly for me in your paintings Jill, is not only your active imagination but also the connections in your paintings to historical periods about which you have read. The history of years long gone seem quite familiar to you. You feel at home in the places you have visited through your reading, 

Jill: And visited through my travels as well. First of all, Ellen, I want to thank you for this opportunity to share my reflections on my own journey into the realm of my imagination.

Ellen: I like the fact you say my imagination. We all imagine differently according to our individual life-experiences and how these might resonate with us or affect us in some way. What are your thoughts on this when you relate it to your own imaginative journeys?

Jill: I see in my ongoing imaginative journeys, the continuum and interconnections of events throughout my life – some seemingly unrelated. All this has culminated in what I now do. I never set out with any concrete notions of producing art or writing books.

Ellen: You never initially saw yourself as becoming an artist or a writer?

Jill: Not at all. I think I have always had a strong desire to share with others the beauty I perceive in the world around me and in the stories of the past. I love moving back in time. So I would say that the mediums I use for my art and my writing, provide me with the opportunity to transmit in some way, what I constantly discover in life.

Ellen: I guess also, that what you discover is a result of what you seek? What are the main things you discover in life? 

Jill: Joy and new insights! I hope my work encourages others to see and experience their own sense of beauty and joy.

Ellen: And many sources of your joy have come from immersing yourself in books. To what kind of books have you consistently gravitated?

Jill: I have been fortunate enough – in fact I would say – privileged, to be exposed to the world of great teachings, wisdom, ancient texts, poetry and the arts.

Ellen: And you don’t balk at penetrating them?

Jill: I actually love it! I become removed from the here and now and feel as if I am entering new dimensions when I delve deeply into the books I enjoy reading. Books have been my companions throughout my life.  (READ THE FULL INTERVIEW)

Jill Glenn with paintings