“My paintings begin with a glimpse of possibility. I have a sense of what I want and then feel my way. As my boundaries of reality disappear, uncensored spontaneity takes over and I enter my world of dreams.

My journey into fantasy is open-ended; anything can happen. My fleeting images undulate simultaneously on varied surfaces. Using a combination of acrylic paints, watercolor, and iridescent inks, I create a complex color spectrum. “

– Ellen Palestrant

About Ellen

South African-born writer, artist and filmmaker, Ellen Palestrant, currently resides in Arizona. She was educated in South Africa and Britain and immigrated with her family to the USA in 1987.
Palestrant has also been a game inventor, hydroponic farmer, special education teacher, television scriptwriter (adult documentary and children’s animation), college instructor (English, Humanities, Creative Writing) and co-publisher of a college press. Palestrant’s art has been exhibited in a number of galleries and she is the author of 12 published books ranging from fiction/fantasy to poetry and non-fiction, many of which she has illustrated. She has written and lectured extensively on the subjects of creativity.
Her ethereal, multi-dimensional paintings invite viewers into her dream-like worlds…

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On Reno Tahoe Tonight

Ellen discusses creativity and inspirations with fellow writer/artist Jill Glenn and show host Oliver X. You can read about both Jill and Oliver in CONVERSATIONS ABOUT CREATIVITY.



On Arizona Originals

Ellen discusses creativity, perfectionism, balancing the practical with the possible, and the importance of taking action and moving forward.
You can see the full post here.


“An insight into the spirit and beautiful mind of author-artist Ellen Palestrant and her stunningly original collector coffee table art book The World of Glimpse … the full frontal sensory barrage is unlike anything I’ve encountered outside of Walt Disney’s Fantasia – yet this is a book!”

Oliver X, Reno Tahoe Tonight Magazine

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From Ellen’s Blog

The Importance of Being a Flexible Thinker

The Importance of Being a Flexible Thinker

The changes in our lives seem to occur with ever increasing rapidity and we are often left breathless as we try to keep up with all the advancements, innovations, transformations, remodeling and permutations. Many offer opportunities and there are those that have...

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When Ellen Palestrant rang and said she had a short novel and some stories I readily agreed to read them. To my delight the novel was a very original piece of writing and the few short stories were little jewels. As I have become an avid jogger and Comrades runner, I found the story entitled ‘Koptoe‘ a most appropriate one with which to close this small ‘harvest’ of writing.

Adrian Donker, Ad. Donker Publishing


Ellen Palestrant’s strong inborn talent is many-sided. Her main gift is a vigorous comic inventiveness which she adapts to purposes of fantasy, farce or satire with equal facility and zest. She can be playfully inventive also in her use of language. By contrast, she is capable too, of persuasive realistic writing, and has written stories of poignant force.

-Lionel Abrahams, South African novelist, poet, editor and critic


Here we have a novella and four short stories by a cleverly original South African author. This is Ellen Palestrant’s debut. That there will be more of her delightfully amusing “off-beat” writings, I feel no doubt – I surely hope so. The stories, written with sprinklings of the South African vernacular, also include familiar place names and streets scattered throughout – all adding to their intriguing quality…Nosedive is superb…(it) goes to the heights – or is it depths – of hyperbole. I believe this must undoubtedly be one of the funniest books I’ve ever read.

-Doug Slack, The Star


Ellen Palestrant’s writing is the perfect foil. She… sees the human condition without illusion, and especially the condition of the part of humanity which speaks with a South African accent… hers is the comic vision. Nosedive is a zany farce with strong satirical undertones. The writing is exuberant and refreshing and the author’s sense of the absurd is wholly delightful. If you are in need of a tonic… Ellen Palestrant is what you need.

-Natal Witness

The World of Glimpse

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