A Fantasist and a Scientist in Conversation
Part of the Creative Thinking Series series:

Interdisciplinary Communication across Boundaries for Today’s World. Writer-Artist Ellen Palestrant and Palaeobotanist Professor John M. Anderson transcend the perceived boundaries between the Arts and the Sciences, enhance their knowledge, cross-train their thinking and collaborate in celebrating the Commonalities and Differences in their Ideas and their Disciplines. Buy on Amazon >>

Publisher: EP Creative Enterprises
Reviews:Dede Harris on Amazon wrote:

This book is a fascinating exploration into two very different minds, the fantasist and the scientist and yet there are surprising connections in so many areas. Loved it!

Jill D. Glenn on Amazon wrote:

Through the venue of a conversation, we get the opportunity to explore what motivates Ellen, the creative fantasist, and John Anderson, the dedicated scientist, to pursue their individual disciplines and their dreams. Throughout their conversation,imagination and a creative drive are common threads motivating their commitments to their own unique paths. John's work has been devoted to learning about and preserving life on earth, while Ellen, through creating a fantastical parallel world in her literary work The World of Glimpse, also shares John's love of the beauty in the world that surrounds us . Ellen is motivated by possibilities , John,as a scientist seeks answers as well.