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BookAuthority's "100 Best Creativity Books of All Time."

What makes creative people tick? Ellen Palestrant’s conversations with diverse creators gives readers fascinating insights into the commonalities, the differences, the passions, the persistence and the joyful engagement found in the innovative process. There is no ownership of creativity which exists in many disciplines. These interviews are inspirational and catalysts for self-reflection and creative engagement.


Publisher: EP Creative Enterprises
Reviews:Dede Harris on Amazon wrote:

I love the way Ellen Palestrant writes. It is as though she paints a picture of each interviewee and then she illuminate each one with very delicate and interesting questions. This seems to open up each individual's story.
Thank you Ellen for sharing these very special and interesting people with us.

Jill D. Glenn on Amazon wrote:

Ellen Palestrant is an amazing interviewer! Her conversations with such a diverse ,accomplished, yet down to earth group of creative individuals is a fascinating read. Each conversation showcases a unique voice. I found myself engrossed by the self reflection and life-long journey's explored by everyone who was interviewed. I could actually hear each individual voice and was amazed by the variety of creative paths showcased in this book. This is a welcoming opportunity for readers to find "new friends" who will inspire you and encourage you to create.

Juanita Havill on Amazon wrote:

Ellen Palestrant's search for people to interview about creativity has given readers an engaging series of interviews with professionals in many fields. As one of the interviewees, I am certain that Palestrant's questions gave artists, composers, writers, musicians, film-makers, sculptor, songwriter, anthropologist, and Holocaust survivor much to think about. The thoughtful exchanges presented in Conversations About Creativity will give readers much to think about, too.

Annette M. Tucker on Amazon wrote:

This is really an amazing book and very creative of Ellen to write. I have read it twice and have really enjoyed reading all the different successful people in their field and that should inspire you when you read it. Everyone is creative in their own way. Loved it!!!!!

Aaron Kaplan on Amazon wrote:

An incredible read filled with knowledge, wisdom, and an inspiration for a creative spark in all of us!