The Importance of Creative Thinking

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Ever since I was a child, I have felt an anticipatory excitement before beginning something creative. Even today, my fingers still literally tingle before I start, and this sensation is usually accompanied by feelings of joy, expectation and optimism. It would be hard for me to be severed from the creative process. So why have I always had this ongoing need to create, and in so many diverse yet interconnected areas? And why do I enjoy encouraging others to experience the satisfaction of creativity as well? Why do I love creating and why do I continually explore the subject? Firstly, because creating is positive, exhilarating—and fun. We create to know what lies buried within us, and to be delighted with what emerges. We create to be replenished by the actual process of the doing. We create because we are moved to do so, and because creating offers the adventure and challenge of finding answers from within and not only from external sources. We create to open that mysterious source that springs from deep within us. We create because a life devoid of creativity is often a life lived on the surface, mindlessly adhering to other people’s agendas—an unexplored life. We create over a lifetime, sometimes never letting go of an idea that has become an intrinsic part of us. We create because we have the courage to do so. We know that it doesn’t matter if we fail; at least we tried, and in fact, a so-called failure could well prove to be a lucky accident—something, perhaps, aesthetically pleasing, and an opportunity for new experimentation. And even for those of us who are experienced creators, we constantly need to encourage and permit ourselves to create in our very own way, instead of imitating what others have done—or what we, ourselves, have done successfully in the past. We remain open to the new, and therefore do not copy, conveniently and habitually, our own act that has worked so dependably in the past, instead of upping our own ante. We never try to disregard that barely verbalized thought or feeling—that glimpse of possibility—that enters our minds unbidden. We know that there is the potential in the unexpected and therefore it is important to listen to our instincts or hunches and follow them. We give unexpected ideas a chance. The act of creating continues to fascinate and satisfy me. For me, and for so many of us, creativity is a direct springboard to much that is positive in life. It is the catalyst to becoming energetic, vibrant, joyful, generous individuals and contributors to society. Music, the arts, film, and profound literature, transcend cynical propaganda and therefore unite, rather than divide people. They are bridges to human connections and individual and collaborative inventions. Those who create, have much to offer the world. I have expanded and updated HAVE YOU EVER HAD A HUNCH? The Importance of Creative Thinking; it is now in its 3rd edition. There is nothing static about creativity and, therefore, both my curiosity and knowledge about the subject continue to expand. The subject of creativity, in its many shapes and forms, will always enthrall me. So, whatever your age, just remember that by creating, you enrich your own life and also the lives of other. A life devoid of creativity is barren for both individuals and societies. Creativity makes you self-reliant. Creativity is your companion for life. Read more reviews of Have You Ever Had A Hunch?

Publisher: EP Creative Enterprises
Reviews:zorana on Amazon wrote:

This is a well written and clearly structured book aiming at describing what creativity is, how it can be enhanced, promoted and nurtured and why it should be just that. It doesn't have a regular approach on creativity, meaning that Ms. Ellen Palestrant doesn't seem to want to put any emphasis on what she believes could scale down the massive outreach of creativity as a phenomenon.

Today, considering the amount of time we spend in distractions and suppressing our own creative abilities, this book is refreshing - it really reminds us of what we need to feel good again, what matters, which part of ourselves we might to want to give a little more attention and why. It also explains why it is important to do just that, not only for ourselves but for the new international atmosphere in which being creative is actually, finally - something good!

I would like to recommend this book to everyone - it's really easy to read, understand and it gives you a lot of new insights into creativity and allowing yourself to have a hunch.