The Comrades Marathon

Book Cover: KOPTOE: Transcending Boundaries
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ISBN: 0997478330
Pages: 116
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ISBN: 0997478330
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KOPTOE - TRANSCENDING BOUNDARIES: THE COMRADES MARATHON, is a story about two runners and the COMRADES ULTRAMARATHON (a race of 56 miles between Pietermaritzburg and Durban in South Africa.) The book is also about the connection between RUNNING, WRITING & CREATING MARATHONS - about the various marathons in our lives.

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Publisher: EP Creative Enterprises
Reviews:Eric Cosh on Amazon wrote:

I just finished reading Koptoe: Transcending Boundaries: The Comrades Marathon. Although at first read, it appears to be a book about and for Marathon runners, but in reality, it's about the Marathon that all of us must run and complete if we choose to be successful in life. I was intrigued by the two main characters Nick and Simon as they trained, and then ran The Comrades Marathon. You could feel pain and dedication they were feeling as they ran the very rugged and testing 56 mile course. We're NOT talking about jogging! We're talking about a race in which they have to come across the finish line in less than 12 hours. In 1955, my father who was a track star in the 20's at Georgetown University started a Cross Country Team at Vineland High School when I was a Junior. My dad set a world record in 1929 at the Penn Relays in the Decathlon for the 1500 meters. This was the Olympic trials and he came in 4th so he was an alternate. His record will always stand because the Decathlon is now completed over a two day period. Back then, it was all 10 events in one day. Why am I bringing this up? Maybe to figure out why I chose to run cross country in 1955 & 1956 as part of the team. I wasn't a natural born runner. in fact, I hated it. Those 2-1/2 mile races were brutal. The Comrades Marathon is 56 miles. So why did this book have such an impact on me? Because Ellen was able to show that almost everything we do in life is this same Marathon if you want to be successful. Although the story takes place in South Africa it could just as well take place anywhere in the world. By. reading this book, I think I now know why I endured running cross country. It certainly wasn't about fame or fortune. It's like the title says: Transcending Personal Boundaries.

Jill D Glenn on Amazon wrote:

I love this book: have read it more than once, and enjoy reading it aloud to others. Ellen Palestrant is an extraordinary literary writer. Her agile and versatile range of subjects, flow with ease from her vast imagination, and this work is no exception to her marvelous talent.From the very first lines of the story Koptoe, I was invited into the stream of male consciousness of the primary character Nick on his morning run as he spots his mate Simon, who is also out for his morning run.I am suddenly and quite comfortably transported to another continent, another time period, with familiar yet unfamiliar sounding vernacular. The male streams of consciousness flowing in a continuing monologue, interspersed with some dialogue...amuse me. "I'm running well man. Totally koptoe with my running.I think of it all the time. Jeez, I'm really running well. I'm going to make the Comrades.I'm going to make it....Hey- there's Simon. Howzit, Si?"
Ellen Palestrant takes us into the world of competitive running. Training and running, the challenges of a politicized South Africa, and the grueling physicality of the Comrades Marathon become metaphors for the challenges many people face in their every day lives...whatever those challenges may be. This is a fun read, an inspirational read, and is filled with humor and comraderie.

Maurice Kahn on Amazon wrote:

A more than fascinating read - intrigued to learn so much about the history of the Comrades and especially Ellen Palestrant's in depth yet summary study relative to South Africa's turbulent politics through all the years of the Marathon. A marvellous overview. Loved it.


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