Book Cover: The World of Glimpse
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Editions:Paperback: $ 29.99 USD
ISBN: 0984885277
Size: 10.00 x 7.00 in
Pages: 212
DVD: $ 9.49 USD
ISBN: 0984885293
Hardcover: $ 2.50 USD
ISBN: 098488520X

A book for ALL AGES - 4 to 104!  This is the paperback version of Ellen Palestrant's unique and beautiful coffee table book, The World of Glimpse where art, literature and theater combine. THE WORLD OF GLIMPSE is a fantasy world of contagious rhythms and luminous color. Because Glimpse, the world of the Glimpsibles, is a realm of creativity, and Sooma Sooma, the world of the Dreaded Drooma, is one of destructivity, the two worlds collide. Glimpse needs a seventh Glimpsible Spark to complete its color-tight alliance and prevent the Drooma, those begrudging, color-sucking, spectroscopic parasites, from destroying their world. Will Spunktaneous become the seventh Spark of Glimpse?

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Publisher: EP Creative Enterprises
Reviews:Lisa Miller on Amazon wrote:

I love the book, but when I saw what Eric Cosh and Ellen Palestrant did with it in this DVD, I was so amazed! Mr. Cosh's video work animates Ms. Palestrant's paintings in ways that are surprising and mesmerizing. I think I have a much better appreciation of what a video artist can do after seeing this DVD, and I would certainly recommend it to anyone interested in making videos. Ms. Palestrant narrates her story beautifully. The paintings become living characters on the screen. The soundtrack is whimsical. The DVD can be enjoyed in snippets, or all at once. The World of Glimpse offers a new art form, thought-provoking philosophy, and beauty!