A couple of days ago, I discussed my book, HAVE YOU EVER HAD A HUNCH? The Importance of Creative Thinking, with Jim Beach on his SCHOOL FOR STARTUPS RADIO program. Typically, the arts such as painting, sculpture, writing, music, and theater are considered creative fields, but really, most fields of work require some degree of creativity. Certainly in business, more creative thinking will lead to greater innovation.

Jim Beach and I discussed many topics during this interview which ranged from the originality of ideas, to creativity and  hunches, art classes and the impact of destructive teachers, brain storming and much more. There are more commonalities between the arts and business than many people imagine. It’s all about starting, innovating (in varying degrees) and completing what we have begun.

There is seldom complete freedom in what we do. Simply as members of society, we are bound by certain behavioral agreements which are generally necessary. In our work lives, we will encounter a variety of boundaries; some of which we can transcend and many of which might be rigid.  Our challenge, even in highly restrictive environments,  is to keep stagnation away or certainly at bay and always leave a door wide open – or slightly ajar – for creative thinking.

You can listen to the interview at School for Startups Radio.