What makes creative people tick? My latest book, CONVERSATIONS ABOUT CREATIVITY: Art, Writing, Music, Filmmaking, Theatre, Education, Science & the Synergy of Imaginationis now available for sale on AMAZON. I spent a large part of  2017 interviewing a wide-range of fascinating, creative people about their individual and collaborative creative processes.
In this book, CONVERSATIONS ABOUT CREATIVITY, readers will find an in-depth repository of knowledge about the creative process and they will  gain invaluable insights into the creative instincts of these individuals as well as learn about their varied creative techniques, their passions for what they do, and their persistence in bringing their creative ideas to fruition. There are commonalities and distinguishing characteristics in these creators; the wide range of their creative thinking is both fascinating and inspiring.
 In alphabetical order, I wish to thank the contributors – artists, writers, editor-publishers, musicians, filmmakers, theater-artists, impresarios, educators, builders, scientists, survivors and thrivers – for their enthusiastic embrace of my Conversations about Creativity Project and for this book. I thank them also for sharing their stories, their creative processes and their perceptions about their own and their collaborative creative endeavors. Knowing what makes each of them tick, stimulates us to think about our own creative affinities:
John. M. Anderson … Palaeobotanist
Eric Cosh … Filmmaker-Musician
Jill D. Glenn … Artist-Writer
Dede Harris … Artist-Welder
Sam Harris … Holocaust Survivor
Juanita Havill … Children’s Book Writer
Maurice Kahn … Master Printmaker
Aaron A. Kaplan … Intuitive Music Composer
Linda Leon … Marketing Professional
Lyra (Maryanne Kremer-Ames & Allen Ames) … Musicians-Composers
Shannon Pogoda … Builder-Educator
Smith Brothers (Tony Dean Smith & Ryan W. Smith) … Filmmakers
Spirit of the Senses (Thomas Houlon & Patty Barnes) … Cultural Impresarios
Chad Sweet … All Around Theatre Artist
Annette Tucker … Song Writer
Oliver X … Editor-Publisher