Our experiences in life connect in varying ways and sometimes take us on unexpected journeys that might be difficult at times, while at other times, be positive and exciting. Certainly, this is the case with creativity. We combine and meld ideas often without realizing their connections. Exploring and perhaps becoming proficient in one creative endeavor often leads to experimentation in another related – or fairly different – area of inventiveness. One idea leads to another, and yet, another. In this way, we keep building greater and perhaps better wholes. The more we do, the more we want to do and the more diverse, yet interconnected, our thoughts and our productivity become. If we permit ourselves this free flow of ideas, we allow for growth instead of stagnation.

For me, a life spent largely outdoors, backpacking and camping in many parts of Southern Africa, Europe, and the USA, fed my imagination and sparked my art and my writing into works of fantasy – imagined wonder. Bright colors for me have always been mood-enhancers and have been catalysts for my paintings and now for my active gear such as leggings and sports bras and bags.

So please visit my Etsy shop! I invite you to browse through the apparel and accessories inspired by my original abstract art. Do enjoy my Art in Action range!