The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless.

Jean-Jacues Rousseau


Imagination is the starting point of creative exploration. Whether captured through combinations of words, art, music, tactile or olfactory sensibilities, these dream-illusions, occurring when asleep or while daydreaming, are treasure troves of abundant creative possibilities. By being prepared to suspend your disbelief for a while and enter these imaginative illusions – actually move into your fantastical visualizations – you will be a participant in your own SHOWTIME.

This is what the creative process is like for me – this is how I create my own show:

When I dream up characters such as those of THE WORLD OF GLIMPSE, I transport myself imaginatively – and physically – into the Glimpsible realm. I go where they go. I fly with them, extending myself in unexpected ways that I had not predetermined. The new pathways manifest with the journey – with the limitless, creative ascent. I am one of the Glimpsible Sparks and I, too, experience their creative exuberance as their story unfolds – as well as their wariness of the Dreaded Drooma of Sooma Sooma. I stretch and farfetch my illusionary capacity with ever-expanding, elastic, buoyant optimism. Like Farfetch and Spunktaneous in THE WORLD OF GLIMPSE, I enter luminescent dreams and participate in “SHNNNNOWWWTIME.”

After all, it is CREATIVITY-TIME!

You too, in your own individual way, can create your own illusionary SHOWTIME…



Fingers which expand and a luminous nose,

To follow wherever it goes…


Linguistic Intelligence,

Being Rhymatically inclined,

With quickities abundant in a quixotic mind.

Now imagine…Dazzling copper, canary and tangerine streamers, streaking across the turquoise sky

as you hop

from one diaphanous rung to another

of a metamorphosing

translucent sky-ladder.

Just imagine…