The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.

-Arthur C. Clarke


Embarked on our heady, creative journeys, we sometimes transcend boundaries we had initially thought impossible to even attempt. The joy of the creative process and the surprising potential of our imaginations, take us on ever-upward flights of creative growth and exuberance. We soar high, guided by our spontaneity and the relinquishment of our inhibitions. The curiosity to discover just what an idea might become, leads us to new heights of creativity.

Can we ever fly too high in our imaginations? No, but we do also need to slow down at times and combine those energetic, exuberant periods of our creative processes, with thoughtfulness and reflection. We need to go beyond the conceptual stages. “Success is about what comes after and idea.”  HAVE YOU EVER HAD A HUNCH? The Importance of Creative Thinking. We need to go beyond the hunch in order to turn those beguiling possibilities – our exuberant creative vaulting and somersaulting, into reality. This can  take weeks, months or even years to achieve, but if we remain focused, we will finally reach the point where both our preparation and perseverance actually converge. We have brought a new creative idea into being and completed what we had set out to do.

The creative journey is magical. We soar high, orbit round and round, and plunge into the depths of our individual imaginative oceans. Yet we need to be able to return, whenever we choose, to our starting points. Imagination only, is not enough. A soaring, creative mind has to be accompanied by a richness of ideas, thoughts, themes, language, and feeling. Fantasy is more than a diversion from reality – it is an extension of it, grounded in preparation and a knowledge base. We do need to be grounded and also have the ability to change direction at will – unlike  Spunktaneous in THE WORLD OF GLIMPSE

Terrified, Spunktaneous tried to change direction, but he could not. Instead, he was wrenched out of his depth, and hoisted upwards, wriggling and gasping, by the relentless pull of the Droomasfear…like a phantaphish on a line, coolly plucked from the Phantasea…