The man who can drive himself further once the effort gets painful is the man who will win.

-Roger Bannister


Running marathons begin with the important first step: committing to the preparation required for attaining a particular goal. Being resolute about developing one’s creative vision and then bringing it to completion – however long it might take – weeks, months or even years, can also be a marathon – an ultra-mega-marathon.

The decisions of these marathon participants are generally accompanied by pledges to themselves that they will undertake all the hard work that is necessary to finish what they have set out to do: “What does it take to be a finisher? Honoring a commitment for one, and also being self-challenging. People, who are engaged in various forms of marathons throughout their lives, succeed because of their hard, hard work. They are the doers who are both purposeful and committed. They have the capacity to be focused…to be totally koptoe.” (KOPTOE – Transcending Boundaries: The Comrades Marathon)

Such people are also passionate about what they wish to do. There is no guarantee of success – of completion – but they will train, run, write, paint, sculpt and practice, despite unpleasant weather conditions, physical pain or exhaustion. They are determined to reach their finishing posts. There is sacrifice involved but also the accompanying excitement about achieving their goals. A sense of purpose directs the education and the training of such individuals.

Runners want to complete the marathon and creators want to complete what they are doing in its best possible form. Accompanying runners and creators, “is this sense of purpose that directs the education…the acquisition of knowledge, techniques, emotional strength… and dependable schematic experiences from which to draw.” (HAVE YOU EVER HAD A HUNCH? The Importance of Creative Thinking).

Both runners and creators seldom question why they endure all the preparation and training because…

Runners Run,

Writers Write


Creators Create

Because That Is What They Do!