A new idea is a light that illuminates presences which simply had no form for us before the light fell on them.

Susanne K. Langer



How many neurons does it take to enhance a barely verbalized thought flickering in your mind? How many neurons are required to keep an idea glowing brightly? Since we have hundreds of billions – trillions – of brain cells, how can we even imagine the neural activity in the sixty seconds it might take to illuminate the first second of a burgeoning new idea?

As we proceed from the endoceptual and conceptual stages to transform what might have begun as a fleeting glimpse of a possibility into a created form, the  light bulbs of our minds, keep illuminating brilliantly. Trillions of brain cells are deployed to keep our ideas generating and our creative urges fulfilled. The amount of electric impulses sent out by each brain cell during even a small activity such as a quick flash of inspiration is hard to imagine. It simply is  a LOT!

Your engagement in creativity is invigorating for you and for those around you – plus it’s healthy!  So why not look for opportunities to take a new, seemingly good idea – a hunch – to lunch and wine it, dine it and explore it. The time to create, whatever your age, is NOW . A while back I wrote a blog touching on this theme titled: