Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.

-Isaac Asimov


Imagine how perfect our world would be if it were inhabited by people who create instead of hate! Creative people enrich not only their own lives, but the lives of others as well. They nurture, cultivate and expand their own innovative potential while encouraging the possibilities for resourcefulness in others. Creative, productive people are generally, joyful, self-challenging and self-sufficient.

Unfortunately, there are always the spoilers. In THE WORLD OF GLIMPSE, I highlight the contrast of those who create and those who hate through my invented characters: the exuberant, productive Glimpsibles and the envious, non-productive Drooma of Sooma Sooma.  The Drooma are hate-filled, resentful characters – and completely inept – the worst Droops Evil ever had!

We all know or have known Droomas in our lives or certainly see or read about them everyday in the news.The beauty of writing satirical fantasy is that it can depict these human characteristics without actually pointing fingers at individuals – yet highlight specific, recognizable types. People can see themselves as well as others in characters and make choices about which character or combination of characters they recognize in themselves or choose to emulate – and who they most definitely prefer not to befriend. Fantasy can be a relatively safe way of mirroring the best and the worst in humankind and yet it is clear-cut, penetrating and incisive.

I wrote THE WORLD OF GLIMPSE, not only to amuse and challenge myself while I imagined this alternative sphere, but also to demonstrate the highest levels of aspiration that we are capable of achieving. My make-believe characters, the Glimpsibles, are innovative, productive, committed, creative, enthusiastic and collaborative individuals.  Opposing them, constantly, are the Drooma, who have nothing better to do with their lack-luster lives and banal, repellent levels of cerebration – or should I say utter lack-of-brain-work – than spend their entire days and nights – their whole lives, in fact, conspiring how to destroy the other. Drooma-types contribute absolutely nothing to the world but hatred, blame, violence and ugliness:

Why should the Glimpsibles have color, if we don’t?

We hate Glimpse!

We hate Glimpsibles!

We hate the Glimpsible Sparks!

We hate you!





The world of the Glimpsibles would have been “perfect” if it wasn’t for the Drooma of Sooma Sooma – and ours would be so much better if it wasn’t for individuals and groups bent on hatred and destructivity, instead of creativity, benevolence and innovation.