This world is but a canvas to our imagination.

-Henry David Thoreau


Aesthetic sensibilities among creative people, can transcend borders, language differences and varying cultural teachings.  Environments which encourage the arts to flourish and which embrace the positive energy of international artistic communications, are essential antidotes to inflexible, dogmatic and controlling societies. Commonalities, which need to be celebrated, exist among creative people – as they do in sports or in many other professions and areas of interest. These passionate junctions of communication, such as in the arts, transcend cultural boundaries and have enormous impact as unifying, creative exchanges – rendezvous without borders.

Today, artistic, scientific and technical collaborations span the globe. Diverse international group energy, brings a multitude of conceptions to completion. Not only are national boundaries transcended this way, but “creativity is flowing in all directions, breaking barriers by combining so many disparate disciplines, blending the arts with the sciences and technology, and forming new creative, multitudinous and multinational wholes … forming the unique work of many.” (HAVE YOU EVER HAD A HUNCH? The Importance of Creative Thinking). 

This international unity of imagination and aspirations, is apparent in the work of Zorana Vukomanovic, creator and editor-in-chief of Creative Room 4 Talk and Ljiljana Kuzet, the Artistic Director. I was interviewed by Zorana for her beautiful, global, online magazine which takes readers beyond political or cultural borders. The magazine is both a global and local neighborhood for creative minds. Zorana calls Creative Room 4 Talk, “glocal.”

The universal language of creativity, transcends political barriers and serves as an important bridge, connecting the diversity of  individuals and societies in the world. A Language of Creativity, liberated from dogmatic ideology, is instantly understood and communicated. It is free-flowing, energizing, and hard to suppress. Indeed, creativity has no bordersSo let’s talk… Creativity!