Have you ever asked yourself if you are suffering from…


For most creative people, finding sufficient time to create is an ongoing problem. People have become over-stimulated and overwhelmed by all the choices available. Too many options stand in the way of deep examination. Too many worries, occupy most of the space in people’s heads – worries about family, work, or lack thereof, politics, the economy, leave creators less and less time to enter their own creative processes.

There was a time when I asked myself whether I was suffering from…


Are you suffering from


Cartoon Man

Acute Not-catching-up-is?

In a bathtub

A touch of Giving-up- itis or a dose of Why-bother- itis?

Sleeping in flowers

Then call


PRESS ZERO for advisis …

on slowing the clock. Beating its chime.

It’s all so futilitis if time runs outis.

No Time Crisis

Once I realized that I was finding less and less time to create, I have made the time – and so can you!

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(See below video of me reading the poem)