There are vast realms of consciousness still undreamed of vast ranges of experience, like the humming of unseen harps, we know nothing of, within us.

-D.H. Lawrence


Even when awake we dream; we create dreams in our conscious minds. These might be dreams of what we want for our futures, our expressions of deep desires and our creative aspirations. Our daydreams are our rehearsals for life dreamed in private – outside the judgment of others.

Daydreams are our private theaters where we practice our alternate selves – aspects of ourselves waiting to be born – our other selves of whom we are aware but to whom we have not yet given permission to emerge. We have been told, all too often, that we should only focus on what we are supposed to do or have been educated to do, rather than what we yearn to do.  So we rehearse in our daydreams until we are ready to realize our varied aspirations and join the realms of other dreamers, who too, have merged their dreams with their everyday lives, instead of keeping them safely, on the periphery.

When our dreams of what we really want to be are realized or within summoning distance, we are able to draw upon their positivity at will and banish any negativity or insecurity that might creep in – or burst into our awareness and the peaceful flow of our creative output. The reassurance that we have gained from realizing our dreams – the inner knowledge that we have our own, individual, creative glow and essence – can disallow the Drooma voices of criticism, derision and scoff to enter our minds. Like Spunktaneous in the THE WORLD OF GLIMPSE, when at times, self-doubt surfaces and we wonder whether the Drooma are winning, we too, might hear Perceptilly say:

“No, the Drooma are not winning! Control your dreams! You can do it, Spunktaneous. You can push the Drooma out – far beyond the borders of your thought-quarters!”

“”What are you doing in my dream?” Spunktaneous asked.

“Dreams have no doors,” said Perceptilly.