I love green, that somewhere between yellow-and-blue color. It seems to be everywhere with its many tones, tints, and shades. It is, indeed, the color of nature, of early spring and mid and late summer. It is both soothing and energizing.

Please take a look at two of my newest paintings in my online gallery:

Emerald Forest: https://ellenpalestrant.com/product/emerald-forest

The Isle of Green:  https://ellenpalestrant.com/product/the-isle-of-green

The Isle of Green
Now, just think of brilliant emerald!  Emerald is a shade of green that can be so intense, vivid, and verdant, that it is startling. Emerald describes the lush landscapes and rich greens of Ireland – the Emerald Isle – with its rolling hills and valleys. It also describes Seattle – the Emerald City which is green almost all year round. Emerald is the ultimate pure, brilliant green hue we can see nature.

I love the mystery of the emerald flash which, if you are fortunate enough to witness, occurs just as the last part of the sun disappears at sunset. Green, which deepens into emerald, is also the final color of THE WORLD OF GLIMPSE and the source of its completion. Just imagine a world without green!