It is always with excitement that I wake up in the morning wondering what my intuition will toss up to me, life gifts from the sea, I work with it and rely on it. It’s my partner.

-Jonas Salk


How hard it would be for me not to create! It is addicting, exhilarating and compelling. First there is this anticipatory excitement before beginning something creative. To this day, my fingers literally tingle before I start, and this sensation is usually accompanied by feelings of joy, expectation and optimism. There is also an abandonment to the doing. No anxiety accompanies the process. I am simply present in what I do.

Artist writing at desk

Creativity opens that mysterious source that springs from deep within us – those barely verbalized thoughts or feelings – glimpses of possibilities – that might enter our minds unbidden. Creative people recognize that there is potential in these unexpected hunches and therefore, habitually listen to them. They give unexpected ideas a chance. What will that idea become?

For me, I am compelled to explore an idea that I feel might have potential. I can never leave an idea alone…



I can never leave an idea alone.

Have to find a home for it.

If a painting isn’t right,

maybe there’s a poem for it.

(I Touched A Star in my Dream Last Night)


Well maybe there is a home for it, one that did not exist before. The canvas was blank at the outset and now there are colors, lines, shapes, images, energy – an actual  painting! Yesterday, there were only a few typed lines on your paper, now the first chapter of a book is almost complete. Even if an anticipated idea had not worked out as well as you had hoped or you had found it no longer had that same appeal and you wanted to stop working on it, you had still experienced that pre-engagement excitement.