Audiobooks are in demand because many people like to listen to books while exercising, working, or simply, while relaxing. “If You Shut Your Eyes, You’ll Hear Some Cosmic Verse” is now an audiobook and a great gift to give to people of all ages! This audiobook is narrated by the author – that is, by me.

Many of my poems, although humorous, are also social commentary. I have fun examining, exaggerating, and satirizing human foibles. Humor drives much of my poetry as does imagery, rhythms, sounds, my own senses – and a love of language of course. All of these are the initial generators of my ideas before I discover as I work, more levels of thought.

IF YOU SHUT YOUR EYES, YOU’LL HEAR SOME COSMIC VERSE is a collection of highly imaginative, humorous, zany, lyrical, and thought-provoking poems for all ages. You, too, will go bounce-walking on the quadruple-quick, orbiting on a satellite or enjoy flying in an Any-Colored Sky. You also might want to visit Verseblurt Cafe or join in the Bong-A-Long Singalong. With a selection of more than fifty poems in this collection, not only will you be transported to fantasy places in your imagination, but you will have fun with the wordplay.

Now available as an audiobook as well. See your options on Amazon:

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