Our aspirations are our possibilities.

-Robert Browning


Do you yearn to create? Do you hanker for the opportunities to express yourself in some form? Do you have that intuitive knowing – that hunch – that you have unexplored and therefore unfulfilled creative potential – an abundance of imaginative WONDERS DWELLING IN THE BACKSTAGE OF YOUR MIND?

Most people have more creative potential than they realize. They just haven’t given themselves the freedom to discover their own ability to create in different forms.  They have been removed for too long from their infinite capacity to imagine; yet imagination had been such an intrinsic and valuable part of their childhood.

“The richness of fantasy is as much a prerequisite in adult life as in childhood. It is an essential ingredient of creativity…Just as children are severed from aspects of childhood at too young an age by many intrusions, so adults are removed even further from the children they once were, simply because they are adults and are expected – by themselves and by others – to behave accordingly. They are distanced from their fantasies, their dreams and daydreams, and from their creativity.” (HAVE YOU EVER HAD A HUNCH? The Importance of Creative Thinking).

So enjoy embarking on your own unfettered, exciting, compelling journeys of creative discovery by glimpsing, perhaps, in your own imagination, a Dancing Fountain pirouette and Jumpaloon Mountains rivulet into stawberry swirlpools. (THE WORLD OF GLIMPSE). Take an adventurous plunge into your Lake of Imaginings and, like Glimpsibles, float and dream of…

The Wonders

Of Glimpse

Bathed in acquamarine:

The foaming,



The Lake of Imaginings on which Glimpsibles floated and dreamed;

The Whooping Clock Tower which whooped with joy every time the hour changed.

Lunaberry Forest,

where two million species

of vegivariation


and the scents

of one million

different flowers


A multitude of wonders dwell in your mind awaiting your exploration. The creative possibilities they offer are endless…