We know what happens to people who stay in the middle of the road. They get run over.

-Aneurin Bevan


How do you make a creative decision that is right for you? How do you connect with our own instincts when you are bombarded, constantly, with so many choices, so many “my-view casters” and so little time for your own in-depth investigation of the multitude of enticing possibilities?

You need to give yourself permission to value your own intuitions, your own  automatic reactions to stimuli before they are influenced by logic. If the hunch feels right to you, it probably is. Your hunches are an essential aspect of decision-making. They point you in the direction of your own particular path. They are essential elements of creative thinking. So, when faced with making choices, let’s listen to our own instincts or hunches – and follow them because they excite us to enter new creative worlds. They are the starting points to our own creativity.

“Indecision can be more stressful than decision. Self-actualizing people make decisions and strive constantly to realize their goals and hence their potential, rather than hide behind their indecison. There comes a time when research has to stop and we have to commit.. Eventually, we have accumulated sufficient knowledge to go forward, to follow our hunches.” (HAVE YOU EVER HAD A HUNCH? The Importance of Creative Thinking)

For Spunktaneous in THE WORLD OF GLIMPSE, time is running out and he has to find a solution. Intuitively, he has to reach a decision and know just what to do…

Just then, Spunktaneous’ attention was caught by a glittering signpost pointing in different directions:





“Having a dilemma, Spunk? Graball scoffed.

“Nooooo! I’m not having a dilemma, Graball.”

“Of course you are,” said Gungy. “You’re lost.”

“No! Neither lost nor scared. You will not stop me from becoming a Spark! I know just what to do!