Everybody has a creative potential and from the moment you can express this … you can start to change the world.

-Paulo Coelho


I choose, for the most part, to create worlds of brilliant color, whether it is through my writing or art, or the themes I explore. At times, however, for the purposes of a story as well as attempts to understand the rampant hatred prevalent in our world today, I take imaginative leaps into lack-luster environments and oppressive darkness.

I transport myself, imaginatively, into worlds of inhuman thought-machinations that in real life, I would never choose to enter. I move into levels of thinking and behavior that are the absolute antithesis of what I value – what we all value. In this way, By contrasting what is abhorrent to us all, I am at the same time, highlighting and preserving in our vision, the remarkable capacity of people to create works of both exquisite beauty and social and global significance.

It might be outside our comfort zone to enter worlds of darkness – even imaginatively – but it is important to recognize the fact that there are people whose thoughts and actions are repugnant to us. We will always find it hard to comprehend their gruesome and disgusting behavior, especially, because we have been exposed to so much better. We have experienced the glow of human creative brilliance and innate decency. We have chosen to teach children NOT TO HATE BUT TO CREATE – AND TO LOVE.

So I discussed the paralyzing effects on creative thinking that the silencers in these societies have imposed on individuals in my book, HAVE YOU EVER HAD A HUNCH? The Importance of Creative Thinking. Despotism disallows creativity because such natural impulses are considered a threat; new ideas should never become more important than people who govern with absolutes. Sadly, so much of value is  lost when individuals are removed from their valuable creative potential.

In THE WORLD OF GLIMPSE, I parody the Drooma – the Droops of Evil … the worst Droops evil ever had, because there is nothing to emulate in hatred and certainly, nothing to celebrate. I give Drooma-types no credence: For example, these inept Drooma, are not able to concentrate even on plotting or staging a Mockery for long because they find it tiring, or to parade in a coordinated fashion. Instead they march …

Right, left, left, left, right, left, left, left, around, under, on top of and over each other in lumpy, bumpy out -of-step steps…

Graball, the leader …

Followed by Gungy,




Grouse and


all the way to the Grudgery in the black hills of Sooma Sooma, where they swoon into a deep slumber…