I brought “Night Falls on Pink City”, a fantasy city existing entirely in my imagination to life in a painting.  However, I have always been fascinated by the reason why real cities came into being and why they were built in specific locations. When it comes to real cities, it is interesting to learn about the genesis of their beginnings and the history of their development.

Night Falls on Pink City painting

Night Falls on Pink City
(Original available here and prints here.)

To paint an imaginary city was easy for me.  All I needed were paints, brushes, and the ongoing journey within my imagination for the city to emerge onto my canvas.  I did not have to think about a water supply, energy, shopping malls, roads, bridges, sidewalks, and parks. I did not have to think about schools, transport, cars, buses or trains. I did not have to think about traffic jams or even about the inhabitants of the city. I just painted a pink city. That’s the beauty of creativity. There is just so much freedom!

There is also a good variety of ready-made pinks  in tubes or in jars from which to choose. If you prefer to make your own shade of pink, that is simple, too: just add white to red. The hue of the red that you choose  (Cadmium  Red Light, Quinacridone Red, Alizarin Crimson, for example) and the quantity of white that you add, will influence the shade of pink. The darker the red, the more white you might use to achieve the pink you desire..

My Pink City is simply an imaginary, bright pink one with fantasy buildings and no thought given to the safety of the construction, the energy expended, schools, medical facilities, everything that makes a city function. I did not need to seek permission from any city council. I simply created the city because I was moved to do so, and because, as always, creativity offered me the adventure and challenge of finding answers from within and not from external sources. I love to move into my imagination and am always replenished by the actual creative process. Just as creating is positive, exhilarating – and fun, so do the colors which emerge on the canvas, nourish me. In the case of this artwork, it was the joyful, spring color of pink.

I was, in fact, born in a city that had originally sprung up almost from scratch –  from necessity, and developed for a reason:  “Johannesburg. Her mother, gold. Her father, gold. Her conception, gold. Her birth, premature. Unexpected. Unwanted. A boyhood, a girlhood – it all flashed by – like a thunderstorm at 5 p.m., like explosive charges shattering rocks and pursuing ore bodies, deep down below hoarding surfaces.” Johannesburg had no ocean, no major river, but what it did have was gold that was discovered in 1886 in that land of wind-rough ridges, muddy streams, and long dry grass. The discovery of payable gold was the genesis of what was to become a major city.

So, what was the genesis of my “Night Falls on Pink City”? How did I come to paint it?  Simply because I love imagining fantasy worlds of different colors, and in this case, I imagined a pink city at night and I set it  aglow by highlighting the painting with iridescent and florescent acrylic paints. There are, however, many actual pink places and buildings in the world. To name a few, there is the city of Jaipur which is the capital and the largest city of the Indian state of Rajasthan in India. There is the Royal Hawaiian in Honolulu, the Pink Beach of the Komodo Island in Indonesia, and Toulouse, known as France’s Pink City. And then there is my Pink City, a figment of my imagination and a result of my affinity for the color of pink.

I have often used the color of pink in my art: Galloping in the Land of Pink is an example. I painted this with acrylic paints and ink on archival canvas board. My Panther in the Land of Pink is another example of my partiality to that color. This is an acrylic painting on a canvas panel.

Galloping in The Land of Pink painting

Galloping in The Land of Pink
(Original available here.)

I have many pink prints in many sizes and in many forms available, for example, Lunaberry Moths. These Lunaberry Moths are figments of my imagination from my book, THE WORLD OF GLIMPSE. They never stop, Baking and Making, Shaping and Forming, Turning out, Churning out, Decorating, Adorning… “ I capture their positive energy, industriousness, and creativity. The Lunaberry Moths exist now not only in books and paintings, but also as pillows, blankets, mugs and much more.

Lunaberry Moths paintingLunaberry Moths
(Prints available here.)

In my range of prints, you might notice that the bouquet of flowers of my “Perceptual Illuminations” are both bright and light pink, and “The Colorfall”, part of a trilogy of acrylic, iridescent and ink paintings, has pink blossoms as does Blossoms of Perfection, another painting in the trilogy in which spring has sprung and pinks, whites, and greens, appear. The fact that pink, again, makes its appearance in this painting, is indicative of my partiality to this soothing hue. I have painted “In a Dream”, with acrylics, watercolors, ink, pastel shades and varicolored hues of pink, which waft by in dream-like fashion.

Painting: Perceptual Illuminations

Perceptual Illuminations
(Prints available here.)

Pink is a positive color. In the pink or in the pink of condition means that someone is in top form or in excellent health; Tickled pink means that someone is really pleased about something; a Pink Elephant is a term used to describe something unreal or a hallucination. A pink elephant appears in my acrylic and mixed media painting titled An Elephant’s Journey: Through the Rainbow, and a pink elephant features, also, in An Elephant’s Journey: Through Lush Land.  Both these pink elephant paintings are in my Collection: An Elephant’s Journey.

An Elephants Journey Through The Rainbow painting
An Elephant’s Journey: Through the Rainbow
(Original available here.)

Blush, flush, coral, fuchsia, salmon and rose are just some of the  names for the color of pink. But a light pink, a pastel pink or a tickle-me-pink are very different to a carnation pink, a deep pink, or a hot pink. My poetry book, If You Shut Your Eyes, You’ll Hear Some Cosmic Verse, has a hot pink cover.

If You Shut Your Eyes You'll Hear Some Cosmic Verse book

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I see pink elephants or visit  pink cities in my imagination and that richness of fantasy, I feel, is as much a prerequisite in adult life as it is in childhood. It is an essential ingredient of creativity as is imaginative exploration and playfulness. The desire of adults to be realistic above all else, distances them from the valuable playfulness of childhood. They lose that freshness of vision, and the openness, and yes, gullibility, that first took place in childhood and was such an important aspect of their creativity.

I therefore choose to ride through pink cities on the backs of pink elephants while reading and writing books with hot pink covers!