THE WORLD OF GLIMPSE will never stop growing. I am grateful for that. Art, literature, theater and music springs out of it. I love its possibilities and have come to realize that I, too, am a Glimpsible – a Glimpsarian thinker – a Possibilitiest: there are few limiting absolutes – just many, many, wonderful possibilities.

This world that I have created, is, for me, a state of being in which I feel right at home because Glimpsible philosophy resonates with me. A glimpse of possibility, which often enters our minds unbidden, needs to be respected and not disregarded. It might, after all, contain the potential to become something exciting and unexpected. I feel it is important not to limit what has come to us spontaneously, by quickly placing it in a convenient category. I did not limit THE WORLD OF GLIMPSE to any slot because I feel categories straight-jacket thinking and creativity. THE WORLD OF GLIMPSE is literature, art, theater and philosophy. It is for all ages. That is why I have given this work a very large category: “ages 4 to 104 and more”.

So, whatever your age, just remember…



a glimpse –

without intention,



into a world

from a new dimension.

If you…


Your eyes,

You’ll hear some cosmic verse…

Songs and sounds of the Universe.

– Ellen Palestrant