An evil person is like a dirty window; they never let the light shine through.

-William Makepeace Thackeray


Vivid color for me, is a mood-enhancer and most definitely, invigorating. I love imagining, writing about and painting fantastical, luminous, joyful worlds of brilliant color. This is what I did with THE WORLD OF GLIMPSE: I imagined and evoked the beauty of that world – and continue to do so.

When I begin to create, I first…

Skedaddle from my mind, all I know … allowing fiddle-faddle to unwind and flow…

I open the doors widely to my creative imaginings and invite in infinite, fanciful possibilities. Spontaneous, free-flowing creative dreaming, encourages colors, words, and melody to merge in unexpected ways. I love to stretch-and-farfetch.

Creating positive, joyful characters and worlds filled with abundant creative possibilities, is highly enjoyable and stimulating. Sadly, however, there are vast and bewildering contrasts in the world we live in today that need to e addressed: my stories and themes such as found in THE WORLD OF GLIMPSE and HAVE YOU EVER HAD A HUNCH? The Importance of Creative Thinking, sometimes require me to imagine worlds of oppressive gloom, abysmal banality, negativity and rampant jealousy – the world of the Drooma of Sooma Sooma, is an example.

The world of the Drooma, in contrast to the creatively exuberant world of the Glimpsibles, is negative, dismal and destructive. Because for me – like for the majority of people who value creativity, positivity, beauty and love – violent impulses are an anathema, I created the Drooma as totally inept, ludicrous, and grotesque. They blame and hate constantly and celebrate evil. They begrudge the Glimpsibles for living in a luminous, joyful, positive world; yet covet that world for themselves. Instead of living in a state of creating, the Drooma are stuck in one of hating – a world lacking completely in positive inventiveness – filled instead, with techno-illogical botchery and very bad ideas:

Sooma Sooma was the Junkdump of Infinity.

Whatever was discarded from anywhere,

Whatever was dismantled,



Expunged …

Could be found in Sooma Sooma: the worst of everything …

and the worst of ideas…



Removing Item