He lived a life of going-to-do,

And died with nothing done.

-James Albery


It is the New Year and time for you to begin…whatever it is you have been yearning to explore – whatever it is you have been wanting-to-do – but haven’t yet begun. The fact that you are drawn towards something – have an affinity for it – tells you that you probably can do it. That potential, needs to be nurtured and cultivated. Otherwise, it will die and you will have failed it. Your hunches, your intuitions, those feelings that inhabit the interior worlds of your mind, need to be acknowledged because they are the starting points to your creativity. Creative people are receptive to their hunches.

It’s time to give a future to your unexpected hunches, otherwise they might be lost forever. “That hunch or glimpse of possibility, needs to be trusted; it contains something of a truth within your grasp, something to which you are trying to give a permanency. Rejection, if necessary, can come later. Following a Hunch is A Direct Path to your Unique Creative Potential.” (LET’S DO HUNCH: Creativity Workbook for Individual Participants and Groups)

“We often fail to realize that anything so seemingly small as a hunch can be the catalyst to a created form, or a successful scientific or commercial idea, that it can be something communicable, something of value – a fresh perception or a captured reaction. We’ve been told too often that significance comes only from hard work, book learning, traditional sources and the approval of authority.” (HAVE YOU EVER HAD A HUNCH? The Importance of Creative Thinking)


Dear Hunch,

You are spontaneously invited to lunch.

Venue: Anywhere.

Time: Anytime.


R.S.V.P.   Don’t Delay


It Might Soon Be…

Past Hunchtime!