How do we celebrate the holidays this year? I should imagine many people are asking themselves that same question. This will be a different year ending and New Year but it’s important to include generous dabs of brightness.

Well, how do we bring joy to our lives in a time when we have had to reinvent our lives in so many ways?  I, for one, have always surrounded myself with color, all year round, in fact.  Certainly, during the holiday season, I will do the same and once again, I invite additional color into my life accompanying by the joy it brings.

For me, there is something festive about color and that’s why it appears so extensively in my artwork and in my home decor – as well as in the gifts I give to others, be they in the form of my miniatures, books, clothing, bags and more.

I love sharing because for me, creativity is abundant. There’s always more to experience, innovate, and enjoy. I find that the more I do, the more I want to do. Creative journeys are exciting and an ongoing part of my life and I hope, yours, too.  They are my gifts to others and sharing is what I will continue to do.

This holiday season, invite color into your life and share what brings you joy with those you love – and also with others who need novelty – something colorful, positive and new,  to brighten their lives!

If you are looking for ideas of how you can invite color into your life or into the lives of those you love – into all lives, there are many vibrant options in my online gallery from which to choose, from  printed leggings, pillows, original prints, and miniature paintings . 

Color lifts my spirits and I know it does so for others as well so gifting generous dabs of color will brighten the lives of many!


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