Why do I love painting abstract miniatures just as much as I love painting much larger works? I think it is largely because I receive a great deal of joy from creating them and also, because the processes are so similar: Both my miniature and large creations, involve much layering of paint, painstaking attention to the details that I choose to emphasize, and an intuitive feel for color balance.

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The buyers of my art, enjoy not only the work that they have purchased, but their own creative input when they play with the placement of the art pieces, whether on shelves, counters, coffee tables, bars, buffets, credenzas, office desks, or on walls. There is an art to the juxtaposition of the created works that you own. The placement and repositioning of the elements of art – taller and smaller, wider, and narrower, and, also, equally sized, is great fun and an exercise for your own creative visual ability. You just need to trust your eyes and love the complementary pieces.

Furthermore, the colors of the different art pieces influence one another, adding to the brightness, the darkness, and the intensity of the complete collection according to the placement of the individual elements. Also, it is fun to every now and then, rearrange the miniature art, thus adding a fresh view for you, your family and your friends to enjoy.

In fact, that is one of the many things I enjoy about my miniature glimpses – their mobility. I can place them on so many surfaces and in so many different arrangements. Even though my miniatures do not need much space on tables, mantels, shelves, bars, and buffets, they still can make big statements when placed either alone or when arranged in twos, threes, or more. When you juxtapose art pieces, they highlight and complement the qualities of one another. Also, their contrasts capture quite wonderfully, the individual personality and the originality of each painting.