The more you create… the more you want to create because creativity comes from a place of abundance. The hours, the days, the weeks… the years seem to merge as we delve into our own internal creative resources and discover, with a sense of freedom and joy, the marvelous material within us.

Some of us can’t stop ourselves from creating – and nor do we want to. Between conceiving, daydreaming, imagining, originating and then, producing, we still find enough time to attend to family and to other responsibilities. We are always busy but lead fulfilling lives.

Our creative lives are journeys of joyful discovery, of fun and optimism. Optimism, because we have realized that the creative resources within us are abundant and will not dry up; the only thing that might run out, is time, so we seize each moment we have, for further creative exploration. However long it takes to complete what we do, we never give up because of that relentless, gnawing drive within us to discover just what we, eventually, will bring to the fore.

So, like the Lunaberry Moths of THE WORLD OF GLIMPSE,

We never stop…

Baking and Making,

Shaping and Forming,

Turning out, Churning out,

Decorating, Adorning…

lunaberry ice cream, lunaberry cakes,

lunaberry pancakes and lunaberryshakes.

Lunaberry wafers, lunaberry chips,

lunaberry cookies and lunaberry dips.

Lunaberry hotdogs, lunaberry mustard,

lunaberry trifle and lunaberry custard.

Lunaberry burgers, lunaberry fries,

lunaberry toffies and lunaberry pies.

Lunaberry posicles,

lunaberry jello,

lunaberry candy

and lunaberry marshmallow.

From mauve to pink to yellow to blue,

We stir, we sprinkle, we barbecue…