Mockery is a rust that corrodes all it touches.

-Milan Kundera


Positivity and brightness can be threatening to individuals who want to disallow any thinking that can contradict their negative world-views or their hate-filled ideologies. Creativity, joy, and independent thinking, threatens the comfort of negative and paranoid frames of mind, filled with all manner of resentments and accusations.

“These Thought Patrols disallow any type of thinking they haven’t approved or prescribed. They fiercely and often violently promote otherism: the propensity to regard anyone different, in any way (religious beliefs, national or ethnic affiliations, gender preferences) as an other.” (HAVE YOU EVER HAD A HUNCH? The Importance of Creative Thinking) Creative, novel, budding ideas, and even worse, ideas that others might like, are exceedingly challenging and frightening for them because for such people, same is the name of the game.

Independent thinking continues to constitute a danger for both those in control and those who wish to control. However, good, creative ideas, and worthwhile, positive contributions to societies, cannot be silenced permanently. They continue to glimmer with hope, despite the surrounding gloom of hostility and negativity.

Because the Drooma, in THE WORLD OF GLIMPSE, want to eliminate the brightness of the Glimpsarian world, they stage  a Mockery. They do not want Spunktaneous‘ glowing, emerging green-essence to complete the Color-Tight Alliance of Glimpse. So, as usual, they resort to bullying, threatening and taunting…

The faces of each of the Drooma skewed grotesquely into seven, menacing, bulbous rock faces of… 








Spunktaneous, however, confronts their hostility with the shimmering, brilliant glow of his jugglegems. We, too, can counteract negativity with the brightness of our positive ideas and our own individual and collective glow-power.