I find it great fun to create unfamiliar, make-believe landscapes. When I paint, I travel in my imagination and in one of those sojourns, I came across a lone house blending confidently with nature and the blue beyond.

Blue, for me, is an inspirational color. Think of the sky and the oceans of so many blues! Light blues and dark blues – I like all blues – cerulean, sapphire, turquoise, lapis lazuli blue, indigo, ultramarine and aquamarine, blue skies, blue oceans, and the once-in-a-blue-moon, Blue Moon.

The blue color of oceans and skies suggesting infinity, can arise in one a feeling of promise and wonder. I used acrylics, archival mixed media, and collage to evoke this lone house blending with so many blues – and spots of pink!

This original painting of mine is available here:  https://ellenpalestrant.com/product/house-alone-in-the-blue