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Ellen PalestrantSouth African-born writer, artist, filmmaker, creativity consultant, and speaker, Ellen Palestrant, currently resides in Arizona. She was educated in South Africa and Britain and immigrated with her family to the USA in 1987. Palestrant is a game inventor, hydroponic farmer, special education teacher, television scriptwriter (adult documentary and children’s animation), documentary producer, college instructor (English, Humanities, Creative Writing) and co-publisher of a college press. Her published books include Nosedive, Johannesburg One Hundred, Remembering Dolores, Have You Ever Had a Hunch? The Importance of Creative Thinking, I Touched a Star in My Dream Last Night, Pretzel on Prozac: The Story of an Immigrant Dog, The World of Glimpse, If you can make it, Mr. Harris, so can I, KOPTOE: Transcending Boundaries: The Comrades Marathon, Conversations About Creativity, Let’s Do Hunch, Creativity Workbook for Individual Participation and Groups, and Quotes About Creativity.


The World of Glimpse

Limited Edition – $49

The World of Glimpse

DVD – $15.95

The World of Glimpse

Limited Edition Book and DVD Combo – $59.95


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The World of Glimpse

“An insight into the spirit and beautiful mind of author-artist Ellen Palestrant and her stunningly original collector coffee table art book The World of Glimpse … the full frontal sensory barrage is unlike anything I’ve encountered outside of Walt Disney’s Fantasia – yet this is a book!”

Oliver X, Reno Tahoe Tonight Magazine

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"An insight into the spirit and beautiful mind of author-artist Ellen Palestrant and her stunningly original collector coffee table art book The World of Glimpse ... the full frontal sensory barrage is unlike anything I've encountered outside of Walt Disney's Fantasia - yet this is a book!"

- Oliver X, Reno Tahoe Tonight Magazine

"I watched the live performance of it (The World of Glimpse) - all 30 minutes - and it was just riveting."

 - Emily Reese, Reno Tahoe Tonight Radio

"The World of Glimpse is an amazing book. For fans of Dr. Seuss and Lemony Snicket, this takes the world of imagination, color and symbol, way out there."

- Oliver X, Reno Tahoe Tonight Radio

The World of Glimpse inspires children with its message of positivity and possibility.  Here is a review from a teacher and her 4th grade students in Elko, Nevada:

Shannon Scott, linguist, elementary educator and outdoor and green building enthusiast:

"As a public elementary school teacher, I find it paramount that my students hear one particular message loud, clear, and in vivid color: Forge past naysayers and remain resolute and comfortable with one’s own individuality, uniqueness, and personal life choices. I want students to follow their hearts and guts, but think critically about their decisions. This is the resounding point and premise of Ellen Palestrant’s The World of Glimpse and why I’ve chosen to use it with my 4th graders.

When I was a child, I recall my father telling me, 'People will try to drag you down whenever they can. Don’t let them.' I want my young wards to know inherently that they must ignore such people who, like Ellen Palestrant’s “Dreaded Drooma”, say 'You can’t.' 'You shouldn’t' 'It is not possible.' 'Stay with and be one of us.' The World of Glimpse drives this point home with otherworld, dreamy characters that engage both children and adults. I love using this book with my students as it raises their spirits, making them feel good about who they are and the paths they’re taking. Additionally, the alliteration and phonemic artfulness of the language helps tune student’s ears to the music of beautifully composed language."

Comments from Shannon's students:

Wendy:  I think the book was very interesting and inspiring, and I liked the pictures.  The pictures felt real like they are going to pop out of the book.  Fred the Pencil had to come out of your imagination.  I think you are a great writer and artist!  Fred is cool.

Josalynne:  I liked how she used her imagination in the book and inspired you to follow your own path, and don't let other people tell you what you want to be.  I want to be a great writer like you when I grow up.

Stacy:  I loved how you wrote such creative words, used your imagination to make the book.  I loved the book because it was so colorful and you rock.

Keaton:  I liked all the made up words in the book, and your paintings are very beautiful.

Kendal:  I like that you like to inspire kids with other books rather than old boring ones.

Kaitlin:  I think her book had a lot of imaginative stuff in it.  It made me feel that you could be who you are and you don't need to be what others think you should be.  The book was very inspiring.  It should be read all around the whole world for other children to hear and parents read also.

Emily:  I liked that you had lots of plays on words and pictures were very imaginative and I liked all the new names that I've never heard before. You're a great artist and I would like be a great as you someday.  You're awesome.

Megan:  I thought the book was unique and interesting.  It has new things that I haven't seen before and I loved it very much.  I'd like to get the book, so someday I can read it to my kids.

Elayna:  My favorite part was when the moths were making lunaberry meals.  There were so many lunaberry meals.  I wanted to eat all of them.  Thank you so much for making the book.  If the world was like the World of Glimpse, I would be just like Spunktaneous.

Madisen:  I think your book was so amazing.  I would buy it to read it to my own kids when I grow up.  The pictures that you created were very interesting and made me very happy.  I someday would write a book and make it with inspirement (I just made that up.)

Sara:  I think the book was very creative and interesting.  It told a good story, and an inspiring story.  I loved the fact that it told to follow your own path and don't let other people control your life.

Gavin:  I think the book had a lot of adventures.  It was a great book and I'm going to read it to my kids and grandkids when I grow up.

Shyanne:  Your book is really good to read.  I loved all the colorful pictures and you put the words in a wave.  You're great at making books and your art is so good.