When I am, as it were, completely myself, entirely alone… my ideas flow best and most abundantly.

-Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


When you finally find your natural domain within the vast landscape of creativity, and move confidently into a process that is uniquely your own, you will experience that invigorating, elevating, heady, and joyful ascent into your creative essence. Now is the time to celebrate, to TAKE YOUR HUNCH TO LUNCH!

“Wine and dine it. Listen to it and woo it. If you have more than one hunch, take them all to lunch, together or separately – it all depends on you. If some hunches are disappointing, it doesn’t matter. It will not be the first time a lunch date was less satisfying than anticipated. Another hunch at another time will stimulate you to create. TAKE YOUR HUNCH TO LUNCH TODAY, AND YOU NEVER KNOW, ONE DAY IT MIGHT TAKE YOU.” (HAVE YOU EVER HAD A HUNCH? The Importance of Creative Thinking)

The realization of your own unique path – your own originality and essence, might have come gradually. It might have been a long haul. For Spunktaneous in THE WORLD OF GLIMPSE, it came in a flash – in a viridescent glow. It might have come quite unexpectedly for you also –   in your own flash of recognition without conscious preparation – an intuitive understanding of reality – an epiphany.  But once you have reached that state of knowing and feel entirely ready for creativity and discovery, you are a Glimpsible…

We are the Glimpsibles, flying through the sky,

spinning, twirling, whizzing up high.

Looking at Glimpse from another point of view,

seeing things differently, doing what we do.

We are the Glimpsibles having so much fun,

flying in a pink-blue sky with a  turquoise sun.

Looking at our world from way up high,

Looking at Glimpse from an Any-Colored Sky.