Art is a communication between the artist and the viewer, however subtle or impactful that visual or auditory transmission might be. Historically, there has always been an emotional and visual transmission between artists and audiences, even though these perceptions and feelings might have often been separated by many hundreds of years. Yet, the initial and subsequent emotions awakened in creators and viewers are valuable, ongoing, shared experiences.

Creativity is both internal and external. Although its source is personal, the product is often public. The created product – the result of a creative process – elicits an aesthetic, critical and emotional appreciation in both the creator and the audience. It is an integration of the subconscious and conscious for both the producer and receiver at varying paces over a period of time.” (Have You Ever Had a Hunch? The Importance of Imagination, Fantasy and Creative Thinking)

Indeed, the work of writers or painters might have altered slightly or even greatly during their creative process. Their own observations of how their work was unfolding, undoubtedly, aroused new and ever-changing feelings. Affectivity is not static for either artists or viewers whose perceptions change with their observational experiences.

For me, my paintings are my personal aesthetic experiences to be shared, whether on my walls, the walls of others, galleries my website and other digital sites. I am therefore so pleased with the launch of my digital portfolio, a vertical gallery displayed to the viewer at eye-level.

I have not wanted to spoon-feed you with what you are supposed to see because as Picasso said, “As far as I am concerned, a painting speaks for itself”. In fact, Mahtma Gandhi said something very similar: “Why should I need an artist to explain a work to me? Why should it not speak for itself?

So with little explanation, I think that as you scroll down my Vertical Digital Portfolio, you will find sufficient breathing room to absorb each piece. This is just a small selection of my original paintings which perhaps, might convey to you some connection between the feelings awakened in me as I created the work and the feelings aroused now in you, the viewer, with your own personal interpretation. I am so pleased to share this aesthetic experience with you!