I love entering new areas of creativity, be it as a writer or as an artist. I combine what I do into new forms and though I am often not sure that I will succeed, I generally emerge with surprising fusions. I experiment with my painting. I experiment with my writing. I do not only want to repeat what has worked for me in the past but love the new challenges I set for myself.

We are more than the one career that we happen to have chosen at a particular point in our lives.  We are more than the one creative path on which we have embarked. If we suddenly feel drawn to another creative path, it is a good idea to explore it too. Flexibility of thought is a virtue and veering off in new directions can be exciting and energizing.

What we pursued in the past is seldom a waste; the accumulated knowledge and experience might well have prepared us for the new areas that we now wish to explore. Having the capacity to be attracted to new ideas is an essential element of creativity.

So even though it is important to specialize and become proficient in a particular area of our career, exploring new interests can lead to the discovery of unexpected and novel combinations of the old and the new. Past and present areas of work often connect and form a greater whole.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this Part Three of my 4 part “You Can Be More Than One Thing” Series, you can continue reading the series in any order you’d like in Part One, Part Two, and Part Four.


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