So who am I?

I should imagine you have asked yourself many times: “Who am I? Just what is that thing I do or want to do?”

Those are wonderful questions! If you don’t have easy and specific answers for them, it can be an indication that you need to explore further your own yearnings and perhaps find out at the same time, if like me, you like to combine, connect and adapt. I feel that not being resistant to ambiguity can takes courage because you will wander through paths unknown at times, but new thinking – and doing – can be exciting. My poem below is an example of just how we can be more than one thing:

Who Am I?

There’s me the intellectual.

Me the intuitive.

Me the apoplectical.

Me the subdue-itive.

Me the truth-seeker.

Me the phony.

Me the born-leader.

Me the lonely.

Me who hogs the spotlight.

Me who’s painfully shy.

Me who is always right.

Who am I?

In terms of myself, I know I am not a specialist but rather an everythingist – and that does not include the kitchen sink. I seldom know my route when I begin to paint. It’s a journey guided by my intuitions and I trust them. I follow the paths on which they take me as I place paint and brushstrokes on canvases. I love the puzzles I encounter en route. I love solving them and then being surprised by what the painting has become.

I bring the many skills that  I have learned along the way into my art knowing that I can and will paint in more ways than one. I do not copy my old act because I am more than one thing. I have given myself the freedom to be many things. It’s fun to create this way and if you don’t yet do so, I suggest that you try it.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this Part One of my 4 part “You Can Be More Than One Thing” Series, you can continue reading the series in Part Two, Part Three, and Part Four.


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