Most of my life, I have traveled along my own Path of Creativity, winding here, detouring there, imbibing whatever happens to stimulate me, and then, capturing feelings evoked in one form or another. It’s a road well-traveled by me. I then love to express in one creative form or another, the thoughts or images that  continue to stir within me. The sources of inspiration are abundant, and I have brought them to life in paintings, in fiction, non-fiction, and in poetry.

Passion – not flahin’ is essential. Passion is the emotional trigger that propels creative people to persist in an effort that is  – and remains – significant  to them. True passion supersedes the need for financial or social reward. As novelist Raymond Chandler said: “Technique alone is never enough. You have to have passion. Technique alone is just an embroidered potholder.”

A creative journey seldom flows in one direction; instead, it is multi-directional and constantly in a state of becoming. I became a painter about eighteen years ago and remain in a state of becoming as I experiment with all manner of techniques.  I love the process! I love my tools: all types of paintbrushes, natural hair, synthetic fibers, round, domed, flat, or fan brushes. Then, there are palette knives, painting knives, paint shapers, sponges, all manner of shapes for me to use, as well as all kinds of surfaces to use to support the paint. Watch my video, I Am On a Journey, to see my studio and tools.

Painting of course is work, but it is also play. The variety of canvases, boards, paper, and textured surfaces are endless. Then, there are the paints: oils, acrylics, watercolor inks, collage, mixed media, pastels. pencils, charcoal, pens, and so on. Painting, indeed, is a never-ending journey. As soon as I walk into my studio, I feel open to allowing things to happen. When I paint, I feel I am on a journey, and I don’t know where it is going to take me. The seeds of creativity that were in me as a child come to the fore. There is that barely containable curiosity as I disappear into paints, into time and into work-play. But now, I have the ability to combine an adult perspective with a childlike vision, and therefore, exercise little constraint in my imagination. Now what could be better than that? 

The road from concept to completion generally contains many deviations. Initially springing from fragments of thought and design, it then involves a persistent search for and struggle towards a structural ideal for the original concept. Along the way, a variety of paths are trodden, experienced, rejected or incorporated into the best possible form, that is, one that finally can be pronounced ready.

Pathways painting

There are passive stages as well as energetic and even frantic periods during the creative process. There are times when creative people need to immerse themselves entirely in the problem at hand and simply think, and other times when they have a need to work at an accelerated pace in order to capture and develop their impressions before these particular feelings dissipate.

Have You Ever Had a Hunch? book by Ellen Palestrant

Changing direction frequently or occasionally, is typical of the creative journey; it is full of deviations – of accidents, discoveries and recoveries. From new directions, original artistic expressions are born. It is only by venturing into unknown realms and risking a mistake or two – or many, perhaps, that we discover aspects of our unrealized, creative potential.

Through heady, challenging, exhilarating explorations and intuitive, courageous recreations, we build our repository of creative experiences. We might not always find our way back to the beginning again, to our original intention, but what we now have, is outside the boundaries of our previously tried and tested solutions – and that is exciting because it is a fresh vision, unfettered by the obvious, the controllable, the right or the wrong. Creativity is fluid and hazy – and “ambiguity is a challenge for cognitive adventure and an opportunity to perceive things freshly. Creative people allow in uncensored perceptions and are open to examining areas that do not have tidy resolutions. They risk venturing beyond their conscious awareness into the irrational. They risk not having an instant solution.”  A life of creativity is a life of always being on the road

Any form of creativity comes with practice, with the experience of being open to ideas that often begin with an intuitive connection to an emotion—followed by logical thought and analysis – maybe. Creative people are practiced at being comfortable with ambiguity, with feeling their way through the creative process, while always remembering that the sense of what they want is critical to authentic production. They are practiced at respecting their intuitions and transforming the vague into original products.   My book, Conversations About Creativity,  contains a collection of  interviews I conducted with a large variety of creators. These were people creating in different forms. They mold their ideas into created forms that gave realities of their own – but only after long and enduring journeys of exploration and practice. They often begin without any clear destinations or guarantees of results. They are compelled to be a journey into their often vague, yet wondrous creative worlds. They are always “On the Road”, indeed, “Again”!

Conversations About Creativity by Ellen Palestrant

I seem to have practiced my creativity throughout my work-life by doing different things, generally concurrently. Even though the areas of work differed from each other, in retrospect, I have found that they are connected. Furthermore, they have nourished each other. In other words, nothing was done in vain. Whether it was writing, painting, game-inventing, teaching, hydroponic farming, or filmmaking, I have practiced seemingly all the time.


Perfunctory Perfection

Perfunctory perfection…

a deception.

You have to





Like me.


at any ungiven opportunity


Practice my verse and impromptu rhymery,

Theatrix and slapbang one-linary,

Stretchlimbulate…an extennnnnnsive desiry.

I resulate on inimitable aspiry.

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Creativity need never end – it is, indeed, The NEVER-END – whatever your age or the realities in which you find yourself at times. Your creative process can become your companion for life, even if there are periods when you do not have the opportunity to visit and commune with your own creative essence. It flows through your life and you can dip or plunge into it, whenever the opportunity arises. There are times when it can be part of almost every aspect of your life, and there are  times when practical responsibilities takes precedent.