Our intuitions are valuable and replete with potential when we are open to them. Instinctive attractions to fleeting, intuitive moments can be the points of departure into new worlds of originality, whimsy and fantasy  – where anything can be. That is how my book, “The World of Glimpse“, came into being as well as the accompanying paintings and video. It came from a verse which popped into my head one day, seemingly unbidden. “Come fly with me,” it seemed to say and readily, I accepted its invitation. I moved into its rhythms, words, and imagery.  From a glimpse of possibility and my readiness to embark on the journey that the intuitive moment offered, I entered and have never left this sphere of joy and creativity.

Signed copies of the hardcover, limited edition, coffee table book are now available directly from my website.

The World of Glimpse Coffee Table BookPurchase here:  https://ellenpalestrant.com/product/the-world-of-glimpse

Taking pleasure in our work, not only causes it to flow more easily, but it liberates us to generate ideas – spontaneously, rapidly, and enthusiastically. Many paintings and other products were born from “The World of Glimpse” and some of the original paintings from the book and video are available now for sale on my website shop.

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One glimpse of possibility, leads to many more…

Enjoy watching an excerpt from “The World of Glimpse” video: