As we celebrate EARTH DAY, let us remember to honor the potential splendor of our heritage. Every day should be Earth Day. We can if we choose, try to preserve the precious and glorious biodiversity of our planet for our children, their children – and for all the species and ecosystems with whom we coexist.

Filmmaker Eric Cosh, music Composer Aaron A. Kaplan and I pay tribute to those many committed individuals and institutions whose life’s work is the PRESERVATION of the BIODIVERSITY of our EARTH, people such as E.O. Wilson, John M. Anderson, Maarten De Wit, to name but a few. We are grateful to them and to so many others who have immersed themselves in the study of and conservation of our forestation, our wilderness, our oceans, marine life, coral reefs, animals, fish, birds, insects – our flora and fauna and caring about the climate of our globe. Let us remember that decisions have footprints – our prints left behind for our children and for all those to come. Let us be cognitive of our actions because we as individuals still have options: OUR EARTH: OUR CHOICE.