Our World, Our Choice

As we celebrate EARTH DAY, let us remember to honor the potential splendor of our heritage. Every day should be Earth Day. We can if we choose, try to preserve the precious and glorious biodiversity of our planet for our children, their children – and for all the species and ecosystems with whom we coexist.

Filmmaker Eric Cosh, music Composer Aaron A. Kaplan and artist Ellen Palestrant pay tribute in this video to those many committed individuals and institutions whose life’s work is the PRESERVATION of the BIODIVERSITY of our EARTH.


Ellen loves to share her work in order to spark curiosity, creativity and passion. Request to use her works in your organization, or inquire to have Ellen speak to your audience.

Let us remember that decisions have footprints – our prints left behind for our children and for all those to come. Let us be cognitive of our actions because we as individuals still have options.

With the idea of the preservation of the biodiversity of our Earth in mind, Ellen Palestrant created a new series of paintings: Our World, Our Choice: Hemispherical Series.

The intrinsic beauty of our hemispheres are portrayed imaginatively by Ellen through paintings of filigreed multidimensionality.

Many of these works depict two choices with which we are currently faced: devastation of our precious heritage or preservation of the splendour we inherited. Ellen imagines that most of you will choose the latter.


A note from the artist – Ellen Palestrant

Viewers of paintings (such as these), might perceive them quite differently from the artist who created it.


My paintings are largely intuitive. I begin with a vague idea or image – in this case, the beauty and biodiversity of planets in orbit, and then  allow my feelings and art to merge.


Individuals see according to their own life-views and their own capacity for allowing imaginative and perceptual fluidity into their “moodprints.”


As Henry Ward Beecher said, “every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.”


I hope you enjoy this series celebrating the beauty of our planet and the natural habitats we have been fortunate enough to inherit.

Our World, Our Choice: Hemispherical Series Paintings


Our creative lives are journeys of joyful discovery, of fun and optimism. Optimism, because we have realized that the creative resources within us are abundant and will not dry up; the only thing that might run out is time, so we seize each moment we have for further creative exploration.


Will you trust your own active imagination enough to explore further what resides within? Journeys fueled by what-ifs, why-nots and let’s-try-it-outs can be intriguing and open-ended.

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