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South African-born artist Ellen Palestrant’s ethereal, multi-dimensional paintings invite viewers into her dream-like worlds.

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For a literary, humorous and visual treat, enter The World of Glimpse, a make-believe and theatrical world of contagious rhythms, luminous color and vibrant landscapes.

The World of Glimpse

“An insight into the spirit and beautiful mind of author-artist Ellen Palestrant and her stunningly original collector coffee table art book The World of Glimpse … the full frontal sensory barrage is unlike anything I’ve encountered outside of Walt Disney’s Fantasia – yet this is a book!”

Oliver X, Reno Tahoe Tonight Magazine

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The whole thing – lit up – first in one place – then in another with flashes of lightning … I sat on the fence for a long time – just looking at the lightning. Georgia O’Keeffe   Powerful impressions often arise from nature and as Georgia O’Keeffe describes in...

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Think Aquamarine & Turquoise

Think Aquamarine & Turquoise

Roll on, deep and dark blue ocean, roll. Lord Byron The blue color of the ocean (despite the clear color of pure water) and the blue color of the sky, are the results of white light from the sun entering both the ocean and the sky. The ocean appears to be blue because...

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Think Yellow

Think Yellow

Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun. Pablo Picasso   I have an affinity for yellow and I relish using its varying shades from light to bright to metallic in my paintings. For me, yellow is a cheerful...

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